What version to install

The package is under constant development. Some new or updated features may be missing from the public versioned release. To access these capabilities, it will be necessary to install from source.

Latest stable release from PiPy

Install the latest versioned release releases.

pip install python-datacatalog

For a specific version:

pip install python-datacatalog==0.1.4

Latest stable release from source

You can also install the latest release from source code, which is available on GitHub.

First, obtain the source code.

git clone

Change into the python-datacatalog directory and choose the branch you want to install. The most recent versioned release is on the master branch. Stable, but unreleased code, is on develop, and there may be other feature branches available.

Here’s an example of installing the develop branch.

$ cd python-datacatalog
$ git checkout develop
$ make install
# Alternatively...
$ python3 install

Git Repository Branches and Tags

Type Name Schema Code Recommended
branch 1_0_0 1.0.0 0.1.x Maintainers
tag v1.0.0 1.0.0 0.1.4 Maintainers
branch 2_0 2.0.x-dev 0.2.x Developers/Maintainers
tag v2.0.0 2.0.0-final 0.2.0 Users
branch master 2.0.0-final 0.2.0 Developers
branch develop 2.0.x 0.2.x Developers/Maintainers
branch gh-pages Latest Latest Nobody