Tags are 2-64 alphanumeric (plus select delimiters) characters. They have an optional description, but it should never convey essential information, only context for understanding the tag name. They can be associated with ANY record in the Data Catalog save for other annotations, and a tag can be associated with more than record. Tags are owned by the TACC.cloud user who creates them, but can be published to a public context via an administrative process.

Discover tags

You can use the pyython-datacatalog package or the CLI to explore tags and their relationships.

Using python-datacatalog
 mgr = datacatalog.managers.annotation.AnnotationManager(mongodb, agave)
 mgr.list_tags(limit=-1, skip=0, only_public=True)
Using dcat
 dcat tags list -l LIMIT -k SKIP --only_public

Discover records associated with tags:

Coming soon

Create a tag

Given access to production database credentials, it is possible to create a new tag directly using the AnnotationManager class.

mgr = datacatalog.managers.annotation.AnnotationManager(mongodb, agave)
mgr.create_tag(name='tag_name', description='tag_description', owner='username)

An alternative, if one has an API key that authorizes Tag management, the CLI can be used. There will be some latency as an intermediary service is used to create the Tag.

dcat tag create -t "tag_name" -d "Description"

Associate a tag with a metadata record

dcat association tag -t "tag_name" -u "tag_uuid" "identifier"

Remove an association

Tag associations may be removed by the account that created them.

dcat association untag -t "tag_name" -u "tag_uuid" "identifier"