There are currently three databases that you might connect to:

  • catalog - The current production database containing validated metadata and linkages in the schema defined by the current numbered release of python-datacatalog package
  • catalog_staging - A version of the database where the metadata records and schema conform to the develop branch of python-datacatalog. It is the program’s intent that the contents of staging are in sync with production but be forwarned that this is not always possible.
  • catatlog_dev - This is an actively-developed instance of the database and schema. It is not intended to be reliable, stable, of information-complete.

For serious, reproducible work, please use catalog.

Retired Databases

As the project schema evolves, older representations will be copied into read-only databases named catalog_<version> where <version> is the major and minor version number of the schema. For example, after the cutover from v1 to v2 schemas in March 2019, the existing contents of catalog will remain available for query as catalog_1_0. NOte that retired databases will not be updated.