Source code for datacatalog.formats.marshall.convert

import sys
from ..converter import Converter, ConversionError, ValidationError
from ...tenancy import Projects

[docs]class Marshall(Converter): """Convert Marshall run.xlsx to sample-set schema""" VERSION = '0.0.1' FILENAME = 'marshall_samples' projects = Projects.sync() PROJECT = projects.SAFEGENES.tacc_name TENANT = projects.SAFEGENES.tenant
[docs] def convert(self, input_fp, output_fp=None, verbose=True, config={}, enforce_validation=True): """Do the conversion by running a method in""" from .runner import convert_marshall passed_config = config if config != {} else self.options return convert_marshall(self.targetschema, self.encoding, input_fp, verbose=verbose, config=passed_config, output_file=output_fp, enforce_validation=enforce_validation)