Experiment Analysis

This dashboard provides real-time status update of data converge (DC) and precomputed data table (PDT) and links to products for easy lookup.

Data Fields Included

The dashboard populates the following columns for each experiment reference run when data is available:
  • experiment_reference, with link to the experiment request GoogleDoc
  • protocol
  • OvNgt (overnight growth period)
  • Recov Lps (recovery loops)
  • mtypes, a summary of measurement types included in the uploaded data (P - PLATEREADER, F - FLOW, R - RNASeq, D - DNASeq, C - CFU)
  • state, with two possible values: complete - when all associated experiment runs have passed metadata validation, processed by flow ETL and validated if flow data is available; preview - when some experiment runs failed metadata validation or when flow data is available, missed flow ETL or haven’t been validated.
  • DC date/time, for when data converge was last run
  • upload to DC in hours
  • DC output, link to where data converge output can be found
  • PDT date/time, for when the last precomputed data table analysis was run
  • upload to PDT in hours
  • finished analyses, a summary of analyses that have run (GA - growth analysis, PM - perform metrics, FSP - fcs signal prediction, LDP - live dead prediction, WA - wasserstein, DG - Diagnose, OM - omics)
  • PDT output, link to where PDT analyses output can be found
  • visualization, link to the Escalation site for visualization of analysis results

How to use the dashboard

  • Use the search widget to search for experiment(s) for a given experiment reference using substring or full text
  • Click a column header to sort the records by that column
  • Hover the mouse over a link to view the corresponding URL
  • Click on the experiment reference link to view the experiment request document
  • Click the jupyter link to view content contained in the corresponding folder for DC or PDT