Syncing with Google Drive

The challenges and experiment_designs schemas and MongoDB collections are built (at present) by querying the CP Working Groups directory on the project Google Drive. Directory names are resolved into Challenge Problem records. The experiment request documents in each directory are resolved into Experiment Design records. Creation and update dates for each record are maintained to give some sense of the timeline of various experiment requests. A URL-safe unique identifier is created from the title of each CP or Experiment Request and used to define the enumerated schema of challenge problem and experiment design identifiers:

  • challenge problem <>
  • experiment design <>


# Update locally first
python -m scripts.build_challenge_problems -localhost
python -m scripts.build_experiment_designs -localhost
# Regenerate schemas
git checkout develop
git pull origin develop
python -m scripts.build_schemas -localhost
# Add schemas to git
git add datacatalog/definitions/jsondocs/challenge_problem_id.json
git add datacatalog/definitions/jsondocs/experiment_reference.json
git add schemas
git commit -m "Regenerated CP/EXD schemas from Google Drive"
git checkout gh-pages
git merge develop
git push origin gh-pages
git checkout develop
# Update production (or staging or development)
python -m scripts.build_challenge_problems -production
python -m scripts.build_experiment_designs -production