Management Tooling

There are several tools for managing and bootstrapping the database, collections, records, and views in the bootstrap and scripts directories. Several common workflows are available as Makefile targets.


Export Collection

This script exports serialized, sanitized contents of a Data Catalog collection to a JSON file. The contents can be edited and reloaded or used to bootstrap loading a fresh instance of the catalog database. At present, the entire collection is exported, but a future release will support at least some degree of filtering.

usage: [-h] [-v] [-o OUTPUT] [-production] [-staging]
                            [-development] [-localhost]

Fetch Token

Coming soon

Fetch Admin Token

Coming soon

Validate JSON

This script can validate a JSON document either to a local or network- accesible JSON schema. It is able to resolve schema references in order to support complex or composed schemas.

Usage information is coming soon

Bootstrap Utils

Makefile Targets